Opening hours:Due to our warm summers, most shops close for a siesta from lunchtime till afternoon. To compensate, they have extended opening hours in the evening. Kiosks (“Periptero”) don't always close for the siesta and are often open until late at night.

  • Banks are open Monday-Thursday from 8am-2pm and Friday from 8am-1:30pm.
  • Post-offices are open Monday to Friday from 9am-2pm.
  • Opening times for shops vary from 8-9am until 1-2pm and again from 5-5:30pm until 8:30-9pm.
  • Most souvenir shops are open continuously from 8 or 9am until 10pm.

Post: Postcards as well as stamps can be obtained in the supermarket (on the square) in Kamilari. You can also leave your post there to have it sent anywhere in the world.