• Health Care
  • Doctors: There are general practitioners as well as specialists in Mires and Timbaki. Most of the doctors speak English and many also speak German and Italian. They are highly professional and have immaculate surgeries and waiting rooms.
  • Dentists: There are also good dentists in Mires and Timbaki. You can choose from among several and there is no need to register with them.
  • Hospital: The nearest hospital for emergency cases is Mires Health Centre. There are several more hospitals in Heraklion. In a medical emergency, you should phone 166 for an ambulance. Emergency treatment is free to all those with an international insurance.
  • ATM: There are ATMs in almost every town large enough to support a bank – in our area the closest are in Timbaki and Mires. Very often you also find ATMs in touristic places, like Matala and Agia Galini. If you've got MasterCard or Visa access, there are plenty of places to withdraw money.
  • Internet access: The south of Crete has a reasonable number of internet cafes and today there are many other places offering Wi-Fi as well. In Kamilari, many of the restaurants and all the cafes have Wi-Fi.